"For Trans-Pacific Service" [Run Time 0:45]

Titled "News from the American Continent," with an intertitle that  reads "For Trans-Pacific Service - America's latest plane tested at Baltimore."  The Martin M130 aircraft, to be known in Pan American Airways service as the China Clipper, is towed out of a large aircraft hangar in preparation for its inaugural flight. It is a four-engine flying boat built for passengers and mail, and the ability to fly 3,000 miles. The Clipper descends a slipway. It makes a water takeoff and makes a flyby. There were only three of these aircraft built, christened the China Clipper, the Philippine Clipper and the Hawaii Clipper. To the public, China Clipper became a generic name and originally was applied to all three of the Martin M-130s in Pan Am's fleet and, later, even to the Boeing B-314s.

Martin M-130 unveiled
Type: Newsreel
Image Date: January 7, 1935
Image Taken: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Credit: WPA Film Library
Origin: British Pathé