"From California to Honolulu" [Run Time 2:05]

Titled "From California to Honolulu - Of the 8 machines which started, only two finished in race of 2,500 miles across the Pacific." An aerial view depicts planes preparing to depart for the Dole Race, including the Breese-Wilde 5 monoplane Aloha taking off. The film then shows footage of a wrecked plane in the foreground and people behind it, and further shots of take offs, and additional footage of wreckage from one plane floating in the water. An aerial view depicts an airplane landing and losing control, with the wings breaking up as it crashes. It is then surrounded by a crowd with the plane's wing silhouetted behind them. An aircraft flies near a camera ship. As it gets closer, it is clear that one undercarriage wheel is missing. An intertitle reads "'Art' Goebel & his 'Woolaroo' [sic] arrive first to win £7,000 prize." Art Goebel and his plane are presented with flowers by girl, along with a side view of the his Travel Air 5000 aircraft Woolaroc in the foreground.

Dole Race
Type: Newsreel
Image Date: August 29, 1927
Image Taken: Oakland, California; Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Credit: WPA Film Library
Origin: British Pathé
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