"Germany to America by Flying Boat" [Run Time 1:29]

Titled "New York - Germany to America by flying boat! Herr von Gronau and 3 companions in giant Dornier-Wal seaplane complete journey via Greenland, Labrador and Novia Scotia."  The German Dornier Do J Wal flying boat lands on the water near New York City, with the harbor and skyline in the background. A boat then docks with the plane and the crews of the two vessels shake hands. Wolfgang von Gronau and his crew wave at the camera. After they walk up a gang plank to a cheering crowds that awaits them, they receive a greeting on behalf of the Mayor.

Wolfgang von Gronau
Type: Newsreel
Image Date: September 8, 1930
Image Taken: New York City, New York, United States
Credit: WPA Film Library
Origin: British Pathé