"Record Flight - New York - Paris - Moscow" [Run Time 1:01]

Ground crew work on Howard Hughes' Lockheed 14 as he walks up to it and boards for an around-the-world flight. The Lockheed 14 takes off and as it flies over New York. The plane taxis to the ramp at Le Bourget airfield in Paris after having flown the Atlantic in a record 16 hours. Howard Hughes shakes hands with a man next to the airplane as crowds welcome him. Hughes makes a speech about the good relationship between France and America while surrounded by journalists. Hughes takes off again at night for his next leg to Moscow.

Hughes 1938 around-the-world flight
Type: Newsreel
Image Date: July 14, 1938
Image Taken: New York City, New York, United States; Le Bourget, Paris, France
Credit: WPA Film Library
Origin: British Pathé