"Round the World in Six Days" [Run Time 2:02]

Titled "Round the world in 6 days? Atlantic flown again by Wiley Post, the one-eyed Indian, flying alone in 'Winnie Mae' his Robot equipped plane..."  Wiley Post climbs into the cockpit of his single-engined Lockheed Vega monoplane Winnie Mae. Post, wearing an eye patch, pulls on his flying helmet and waves to the camera. He says, "So long. See you in about six days."  The engine starts up. The plane takes off. An intertitle reads "After 26 hours flight to Berlin (3,600 miles) he only waited to refuel and was off again in 2 1/2 hours - what a man!" Post climbs out of the cockpit in Berlin, Germany, where he is helped to the ground. He oversees the re-fuelling of his plane, then climbs back into the Winnie Mae and the plane taxis back to the runway.

Winnie Mae 1933
Type: Newsreel
Image Date: July 20, 1933
Image Taken: Floyd Bennett Field, New York City, New York; Berlin, Germany.
Credit: WPA Film Library
Origin: British Pathé