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Changes in the Cockpit

It has recently been reported that United Airlines is continuing the trend of replacing pilot navigation materials with tablet computers. Do you feel comfortable knowing that paper maps are being replaced with tablets on commercial airlines?
59% (257 votes)
41% (179 votes)
Total votes: 436
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Submitted by Old computer programmer on

You still need the older manual methods as a backup. Both printed maps and software will have errors and having a second source of information is always a good idea. The electronic system will probably be better 99% of the time so make it the primary but require everyone to use the manual system for verification at least once a month.

Submitted by izzy reppart on

that's not even right because If the system malfunctions you could end up in an ocean

Submitted by This Guy on

People are relying too much on technological advancements that people are forgetting who we are as humans. As humans, we make mistakes and there are bound to be mistakes inside machines no matter how "advanced" technologies get. Just because the technology is better and stronger, it does not make it the best for our lives. Us relying on machines is dangerous. It is true that humans make mistakes but it is easier to fix those mistakes than a computer's mistakes. I am not arguing that technology is bad, all I am saying is that we shouldn't completely rely on technology as much as we do now.

Submitted by Martin on

You say this as you are on technology, saying that "relying on machines is dangerous". Technology is not going to fade away no matter how much a nation believes that it is dangerous. The best you can do is trust the technology. Then you might not become those people who get creeped out by every single bit of new "harmless" technology.

Submitted by Rich Linder on

I believe the Electronic Chart Bag ECB is actually better, easier to use, and lower in cost than paper charts. But, it must include a backup for IMC operations. I use an IPad app called Foreflight and all critical for flight information is backed up in my IPhone as part of the Foreflight concept. Two IPads would be even better and even that you'll pay for itself if you fly frequently. Paper charts are unwieldy in a small cockpit and they get expensive if you're flying takes you all over the country or planet. For about $150 bucks a year you get ALL the charts for both IFR and VFR flight, including departure and approach plates for the entire USA and they are automatically kept current each month. It don't get better than that. One of the very few good deals left in aviation these days.

Submitted by Marlyn Velez on

I think that the technology and science is so advance that anything can happened. The paper maps are important too in case of emergency for back up.

Submitted by Payten on


Submitted by Gabriel on

No I don't feel safe because what if the computer goes down? You won't know where to go.

Submitted by Jacob crowder on

I believe that all the jobs are cool and all involve navigation.

Submitted by Scott plain on

Electronics are becoming more effective, efficient, and durable than hard copies. Paper can be misprinted, lost, torn, and ruined. Pilots best be using their experience, and maps for backup. I trust the pilot, not the navigation aids. Thus, keep what the Pilot prefers.

Submitted by Celestial Navigator Joe on

Depending on one system alone is to invite disastor. Why wouldn't there be a back-up system available? I am not suggesting using a bubble sextant but there are other methods available. Cruise ships relying on GPS alone have run aground and hit rocks due to malfunction of GPS antenna problems.

Submitted by Heidi on

Yes, but keep paper back-up in case of emergencies.

Submitted by Bob on

No, because I own a tablet, and it glitches alot. Put it on a plane, and it costs lives.

Submitted by Emily H. on


Submitted by Raven hepler on

The might need back ups

Submitted by PaHoua Vang on

Yes and no.
Yes because if anything is not useable and you can't do anything, you can use a tablet computer to contact.
No because being on airlines could cause something damage and you will need paper maps.

Submitted by Maggie on


Submitted by WILEY POST on

Paper maps should be kept as a back up for any non paper maps.
Cartographic interpretation is an important skill for any navigator

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