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GPS in Emergency Situations

GPS data is combined with other technologies to locate 911 callers. A recent report suggests it is not accurate enough for most emergencies and greater accuracy should be a priority. Do you know someone who has had trouble getting help in an emergency because of difficulty determining their location?
28% (5 votes)
72% (13 votes)
Total votes: 18
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Submitted by Wally Roberts on

Forget the cell phone positioning. Pop $100 or so for one of the highly portable GPS sets on the market. They have long battery life and are very small and lightweight. The remaining problem, though, is giving a 911 dispatcher your position in latitude/longitude and having her understand it or being able to do anything with those coordinates.

Submitted by Bill Finkelstein on

We're avid cyclists. A friend recently crashed on a backcountry road here in Sonoma County that's a great ride (Pine Flat Rd, Healdsburg, CA). The county 911 center had the cellphone GPS data but couldn't pinpoint the right road or location as it was not accurate enough. Cellphones must be enhanced to include DGPS or WAAS capabilities. Those capabilities also need to be enhanced to not eat battery power. Regards, Bill (a retired Engineer)

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