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Would You Share the Road with Robots?

Some states have passed legislation permitting autonomous vehicles on state roads. Would you like to share the road with robot cars?
81% (61 votes)
19% (14 votes)
Total votes: 75
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Submitted by Terry Mulcahy on

Yes! I look forward to the day when there are "car trains" with coordinated autonomous car guidance and I just drink coffee!

Submitted by Danny Abramovitch on

I'm not sure that "like" is the proper term, at least for the first few years. It's more like I would accept that they are probably safer than most human drivers and will continue to improve.

Submitted by Carl Franz on

I would share airspace with auto piloted aircraft on established routes with an accuracy that enabled closer proximity that allows additional aircraft to co-exist within identical established routes. But I wouldn't eliminate the pilots ability to correct an anomaly.
Possible utilization for automobiles within controlled areas that improved traffic flow and density on interstates or commuter routes might be a first step.

Submitted by Brenda on

Autonomous cars will also make it possible for people with disabilities to be more independent. People who are unable to drive a car would not be dependent on others to take them where they need to go

Submitted by Gary Robinette on

They probably are more attentive to the road at driving than most humans are. At least they won't be texting and driving.

Submitted by Ian on

Sensor systems are not reliable and durable enough. Additionally, the complexity of a system that continuously validates sensor functionality would require M.D. level technicians. Also these systems need to behave (as a driver) in a safe and acceptable manner in failure modes. i.e. Go behind a hill, the GPS looses one satellite, and the car stops because it can't tell where it is until another satellite comes into view. Or will the car just stop and ask for directions? Or just keep driving until a satellite pops into view again?

We will be replacing fallible drivers with fallible autonomous systems. A cost-benefit analysis will show that autonomous vehicles will be an extremely large net-negative on the economy, and on peoples understanding of personal responsibility in society.

Submitted by tom brown on

I share the road with far more dangerous drivers now. Almost all accidents are caused by drivers not paying attention. Computers don't know how to not pay attention.

Submitted by Sarah Corrice on

Yes I heartily welcome self-driving vehicles, but who would I yell at when they cut me off? I'm amused by the mental image of a guy reading a paper behind the wheel of an automated car responding to my angry honk with a shrug and "Hey, it's not me. It's the car."

Submitted by Terry Mulcahy on

"Car...take me to Sunnyside Mall"

Yes, I like the idea of an autonomous car - very convenient and no doubt, very safe, too.

Submitted by Roberto Mario Gonzalez Jr. on

In my opinion, driving is dependent on the other drivers reaction time in any given situation. If the autonomous vehicles have split second reaction times then there shouldn't be a problem with them being on any road.

Submitted by Sean Halpin on

Without a doubt. Human drivers are far too unreliable. Humans cause so many issues, and the frustration related to being stuck behind someone who doesn't know the unwritten / implied "rules of the road" is all too common. Removing the human factor is something I'd welcome immediately.

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